Become a community-based story partner in a podcast featuring the services of your organization

July 4, 2023

Change Agents is a podcast series that pairs emerging journalists, primarily of color, with grassroots activists to tell stories of change through the voices and lived experiences of those making it happen.

As part of the process, we request that partners designate one person to work with our podcast producers. In advance of production, participants will be asked to locate one past or present constituent who has worked closely with and benefited from the work of your organization.  Their story should be emblematic of the challenges faced by your community and more importantly an example of how those challenges can be surmounted. Additionally, they should express an interest and willingness to be featured in a podcast.       

Here's what a partnership looks like:

  • WORKSHOP: Program begins with 20 - 25 hours of participation in a four-day workshop designed to build trust and develop story content with your journalist partner. 
  • PRODUCTION ASSISTANCE: 16 -20 hours spread over a 16-week production cycle as the point person with your organization. (Production cycle concludes November 18, 2023) 
  • COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT PLANNING AND LISTENING PARTY: 9 - 12 hours in the final week of the program.
  •  TOTAL TIME COMMITMENT (approximate): 80 hours

NOTE: Additionally, collaborators will often be a central figure featured in the podcast. This will entail interviews and other recording sessions.  These hours are not included above but should not exceed 10 hours.   

Our community partners are an integral part of the story gathering process and in the interest of equity will receive a $2,400 honorarium for their contribution.    

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