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The podcast pairs emerging BIPOC and ally journalists with community leaders to tell stories of innovative grassroots change

Too often the actions of real people of color making ​real​ ​change​ in their neighborhoods and lives are ignored in the media.

Even worse are portrayals that people of color lack the ​agency​ to address the wrongs and find solutions that empowers residents and improves conditions. Too often these stories are told from outside, not inside, the community.

Change Agents is a podcast production lab by Chicagoans trained to tell stories of their neighborhood transformations and the folks who make them happen. 

Developed by Judith McCray and Maurice Bisaillon of Juneteenth Productions, Change Agents is a collaboration between community organizers and emerging journalists of color who are provided the tools to produce professionally crafted episodes that highlight issues, challenges and ground level efforts for change.

Executive Producers

Judith McCray
Judith McCray

is an award winning documentary filmmaker, broadcast journalist and producer. Twenty three years ago she founded Juneteenth Productions to find and tell stories from the perspective and experiences of people who matter, whom we hear too little about or from. She passionately believes that media is an effective tool for positive social change and reaching people and communities that are underrepresented. She loves sailing and horseback riding - but rarely gets to do either.

Maurice Bisaillon
Maurice Bisaillon

is a media producer with more than 20 years of broadcast production experience, working with A&E, History Channel, Discovery Channel, PBS and more. His A&E Biography on Barack Obama is the most widely viewed episode in the history of the franchise. He’s a recent transplant to Chicago and has thoroughly lost his mind trying to furnish his apartment through Facebook Marketplace.

Funding provided by the Field Foundation and the Chicago Community Trust. City Bureau is our fiscal sponsor.

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If you have a story idea or know of activists organizations working to bring solutions to the needs of a Chicago-land community of color, please send us a message.

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