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December 5, 2022

(L - R): Maurice Bisaillon, Wendy Wei, Judith McCray, Leslie Hortado, Grace Del Vecchio, Jocelyn Martinez, Jeb Backe and Aaron Allen inspected audio equipment.  (Photo by Lee Edwards)


Change Agents throughout Chicago are doing revolutionary work on behalf of their communities to change the narrative. Join us on Change Agents to hear their stories and discover the solutions they are using to transform a nation.


(Photo by Emma Soto)

Jocelyn Martinez-Rosales is a Latina Chicago-based multimedia journalist. Currently, she is a fact-checker for Truthout and a producer at the Change Agents podcast. Her work covers a range of social justice issues impacting communities of color. 

Jocelyn's Change Agents episode takes a look at the philosophy behind restorative justice and how community organizations like BUILD are putting it into practice to combat violence in Chicago's most impacted neighborhoods. 

Jocelyn shared her inspiration for this project in her own words:

I wanted to cover this story because I believe that in this country, we have a problem with mass incarceration and people of color are the ones being continuously impacted. This story explores the theory of restorative justice, justice that steps away from the punitive system that we have currently in place. 
I've worked with the Change Agents Podcast in the past, but I had a reporting partner. That was an amazing experience, and I was ready to bring a story to life as the sole reporter. I also really liked the idea of working alongside a community organization to bring the story to life. 
As a journalist working through Change Agents, I'm further building relationships with the community around me. That's a very hard skill to develop and not something you can just learn. You're interacting and making connections with real people and those connections go further than just contacting a source for an interview. 
We're giving stories that are overlooked or not thoroughly reported on a platform, that to me is huge. We're equipping people with the information and knowledge they need to continue being active change agents in their communities and I think, at least for me, that makes me a change agent too. 

Fun Fact About Jocelyn 

- She's never broke a bone in her body.
- Her grandpa and uncles founded the town in Mexico where her family has roots, and he also served as the mayor for a long time.

To read examples of Jocelyn's work click here.

Jocelyn captured sound for her audio project while joining members of BUILD's team for a community walk. To learn more about BUILD Chicago visit their Instagram page. (Photo by Steven Anthony Garcia) 


(Photo by Al Rasho)

A Word From The Executive Producers: Inside Out

What’s your angle?  We’ve all said – or been asked – that, usually wanting to know how we’re approaching or handling something.  It’s a question we ask with intention at Change Agents, because we understand that the answer depends on where you’re standing.  

Our stories stand from the viewpoint and experience of the real change agents living and working in marginalized and BIPOC communities in Chicagoland and beyond.  We collaborate with community-based organizations and organizers to develop stories that are authentic, inclusive – and aren’t necessarily told in the media.  Stories that grassroots activists want to tell about their efforts and impact creating positive social change where they live. From the ground up. 

Our story process begins with creating and nurturing close relationships within BIPOC communities often ignored or misrepresented, building trust that leads to finding the best stories from the people on the inside not outside. 

- Judith McCray & Maurice Bisaillon
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